I Have a Cousin Who Plays the Guitar by Lilia Dardon

“The story first takes place in Guadalajara in the 1920s. Many Mexicans were trying to get to the United States to make a better living for their families. Once Alfonso gets to the U.S. he has to change his name for a fake social security card and take any job available to feed and clothe himself. He gets into trouble along the way but always manages to find a way of escape. He meets his future wife at a dance and falls in love in Los Angeles. He continues to fight the disease of alcoholism, like his father. He vows never to be like him but keeps fighting his past. He tries cotton picking, the salmon canning industry, dishwasher, bus boy, cook, milkman, and finally finds his calling as an insurance agent.”

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Coffee and a Rose by Lilia Dardon

The true story is about a woman who marries young, right out of high school, the first man that sweeps her off her feet with a wad of money in his pocket, a fast sports car, who is a great dancer. They have 3 children and move 15 times. They experience infidelity, drugs, prostitution, and spirituality.

Divorce becomes inevitable after 25 years. The woman, Ivon, meets her second husband at a school meeting. He is the father of one of her special education students. She tells God that he must show her a sign before she will consider marriage a second time.

She tells God the sign must be coffee and a single rose to trust that this man is sent from above. The sign is fulfilled, but she has no idea that marriage the second time around, even if God designed it, ensures happiness and bliss.

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Newly Completed Works

LiliaPad™ has completed the documentary of Saulo Sedano’s life as, El Chivito, one member of Los Tres Diamantes, who is said to have the most harmonic voice of the group and an amazing talent on the guitar. He wrote 30 songs for the trio and is currently writing his last song. Stay tuned for more insights and history of Saulo Sedano and his life as a renound, famous singer, songwriter, and the last Diamond still living who traveled all over the world performing in such places as Japan, Europe, Egypt, Cuba, Canada, and all of South America.

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Asi es mi vida.

LiliaPad™ has completed 15 Steps to Wholeness – Psalms of Ascent. This workbook helps those who are dealing with addictions, strongholds, and co-dependency. Or, if you are ready to step higher towards God and all He has for you, then this book is for you. This workbook was inspired by Beth Moore’s study Stepping Up. You can find it on

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