Need a Liaison?

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    communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.
    Let me be your liaison.  I have connections with every type of business venture you may be interested in starting.  If you need a new way of thinking about your business venture, an investor, or just someone to bounce ideas off of, then I’m your woman.

I’m a special education teacher with 4 degrees.  I’m a writer (not a famous one), a producer (documentary), have traveled many parts of the world, been on 5 mission trips, been an advisor at a high school, and am in the dissertation phase of my Phd.

So, if you want or need advice free of charge, contact me.

About the Founder

It was my goal many years ago to develop this site to assist others in any way I can. I have experience as a self published author, a producer of a documentary, a teacher with 2 Master’s degrees, a missionary, and a wife, mother and grandmother. I have lots of connections in every area that you may need information on. I have created many blogs via blogspot and websites with WordPress. I am here to help you. So, “Help me-help you.”
Filatrypico means philanthropic so we do not charge for our services.

Contact me at
You never know if someone can help if you don’t ask.

Thank you.

Lilia Sedano Dardon